Attentive Workers  

A series of silkscreen paintings; the titles of which refer to work by the Ukrainian artist Kazimir Malevich. Completed in 2018, the figures emerging within the paintings are based on 19th century type samples from specimen books within the Houghton Library at Harvard University.

The specimen books were published by the Philadelphia type foundry of Binny and Ronaldson in 1812 to circulate the variety of type they were producing. The foundry is widely considered to be the first sustainable type foundry in America. A page depicting the Great Seal, or an early incarnation of this design produced by this foundry was scanned and distorted. A series of figurative silhouettes emerge from this field, which became the foundational forms for the paintings. The work consists of screenprinted forms printed on panels with varying surfaces, canvas, linen and layers of underpainting, 33 x 23 inches each.

The work was published as an artists’ book in 2019. The Assembly, documents and deconstructs the paintings and includes a fictional text by Anthony Graves (Camel Collective) titled The Anomaly in which he describes a narrative between two protagonists surrounding themes of labor, communication, production and accident.

The Assembly is printed on tabloid web-press newsprint in full color and typeset in Monticello and Monti-Sans, edition of 300, 37x37.5 cm. ISBN: 978-0-578-52017 -9