The result of a residency at the Woodstock Byrcliffe Guild in 2014. Produced and installed in response to the weaving room within White Pines, the home of Byrdcliffe’s founders.

The work was produced as a response to the Arts and Crafts history and function of buildings within the Byrdcliffe campus. Silkscreens used to produce four paintings from the Hotzestrasse 23 series were brought to the residency and printed as a set of four unique, two colour screenprints. The imagery was then printed repeatedly onto long rolls of photo-backdrop paper. The images overlap and appear to intersect, their forms interweaving, compositional and structural cues that offer a nod to the decommissioned looms within the weaving workshop.

Interlacing (loom) 2014, six unique prints on photo-backdrop paper 52 x 120 inches

Interlacing (suite) 2014, four unique screenprints on somerset satin paper 22x30 inches