Dialog on Distortion 

Curated by Jamilee Lacy at Providence College Galleries, Dialog on Distortion was a two-person exhibition with Bayne Peterson. The exhibition examines distortion as a change, twist or exaggeration which makes something appear different from its original reality.

In contrast to fields in which distortion is an accidental, undesirable effect, Lacy, McDougal and Peterson present precisely generated works that explore a conscious use of distortion. Working within abstraction, both artists employ analog and digital methods in the production of their work. The processes and workflows of digital imaging and screenprinting, or 3D software and wood-turning are methodologies that incorporate emerging technology and outmoded industrial processes. Beyond a shared working method, McDougal and Peterson ground their work in the reinterpretation of 19th and 20th century objects, images and art historical discourse, as discussed in Lacy’s catalog essay available here.