Interiors and Coverings 

A series of paintings and prints that expand upon work from previous exhibitions,Modern Interior, Aluminium Poetry and Dialog on Distortion. Central to this work is the 1948 publication, The First Factory-Made Aluminium Bungalow.

Drawing upon the cross sections and diagrams published in the First…Alumininum Bungalow, a pair of paintings present an index of forms that are the basis for a series of three-dimensional objects. Sometimes described as sculpture or resembling furniture, these speculative objects are rendered using 3D imaging software. They present the image of an object, virtually documented and situated within an interior. Originally captured as cell-phone images, the interiors are based on gallery spaces previously visited in London, New York and Los Angeles. The abstract paintings and reproduced interiors are intentionally exhibited in proximity to each other. This relationship reveals that the surface and graphic-form of the paintings have been used to digitally “cover” the objects on display within the interior.

A sequence of paintings titled Catalog Interior from 2019 expands on the concept of covering by utilizing photographs, details and crops of the previous Covering paintings from 2018. The Catalog Interiors are constructed upon rough under painted burlap and canvas surfaces. Examining a previous generation of paintings in detail, at magnification; these new paintings are assembled in pairs, or printed with trompe-l’oeil folds to resemble book pages.