Modern Interior 

A space that is both exhibition and interpretation of a domestic setting. A wall-mounted paper room by Elizabeth Corkery covers and transforms the public gallery space into an intimate setting. The design of the covering assembles a decorative Victorian parlour imagery that acts as visual and physical support for Graham McDougal’s six colorful silkscreen paintings that are similarly inspired by architecture and its reproduction.

In their independent practices, Corkery and McDougal use printed matter, photography and film as a source, subject and site. In this collaborative project, they both look to examples of modular British architecture from Victorian era millwork catalogs to examples of post-war pre-fabricated housing. These particular architectures, their materiality and dissemination as images intersect with printmaking through a shared classification as a reproducible media. Completed in 2014 and exhibited at First Draft in Sydney, Modern Interior six unique paintings, silkscreen ink and gesso on panel, 11 x 17 inches and 22 x 17 inches.  A series of large format inkjet prints line the gallery walls, dimensions variable.